Young scientists Ukraine joined the Board and working bodies Eurodoc - European Council of graduate students and young scientists

A delegation of young scientists at the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine just returned from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, where 20-24 April 2016 took part in the annual event of the European Council of graduate students and young scientists Yevrodok (Eurodoc) - Conference and Plenary Assembly.

The conference was dedicated to the training of scientific personnel, young scientists in the context of future prospects «Early stage researchers' training: which future?». The Conference was attended by president of the University of Luxembourg Rainer clamp, Secretary General of the National Research Fund of Luxembourg Marc Shylts, Minister of Higher Education and Research of Luxembourg Marc Hansen; Mayor Vera Ash Shpauts; Representatives of the European Commission (Rinske van den Berg, Przemyslaw Jankowski); European University Association (Thomas Jorgensen, CDE-EUA); stakeholders in science (Sebastian Huber, Sciense Europe; Berenis Kimpo, ABG); speakers from the national association of young scientists Yevrodoku member. Ukraine took part in the conference on the performance of the Polish-Ukrainian cooperation and research in moderating one of the sessions.

Plenary Meeting held in the form of strategic session when there is a report of the President, Board Treasurer, reports approved by an open vote on the debate. At the Meeting adopted strategic decisions on the Charter, Regulations Yevrodoku, structure, new bodies, etc., are considered other organizational matters. At the Meeting formulated goals for the next year and is elected by secret ballot Presidency of the Council - the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and 3 members of the Board; by open vote - the position coordinators of the working groups and other support staff.

As a result of the secret ballot was elected the new Presidium Council for 2016-2017 years, most of which are representatives of Eastern Europe. New President Yevrodoku Lodz Polytechnic became a graduate student, a member of the national doctoral Poland Evelyn Pabiyanchyk-Vlazlo (KRD). Vice President - Julia Banyukevych from Lithuania (LJMS), treasurer became head of the Hungarian Council of young scientists Peter Komives (DOSZ), secretary - University graduate student Lily Antoine Dujardin (CJC, France). Three members of the Board (General Board Members) represent Ukraine (Irina Degtyarev, RMU at MES), Hungary (Laszlo Kever, DOSZ) Finalyandiyu (Fulvio Rizzo, FUURT). Ukraine first became part of the governing body of young scientists pan-European level.

In addition, the Council of young scientists at the MES and included leaders of the working groups: Secretary at RMU MES Julia Ovchinnikov headed the working group interdystsyplinarnosti, consultant at RMU MES Alexander Berezka elected to the position of webmaster.

EURODOC governmental organization with headquarters in Brussels, which brings together national council of graduate students and young scientists from 32 European countries, representing the interests of young scientists in the international arena, particularly at the level of the European institutions (Commission, Council of Europe).